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5 Tips For Picking The Best Fish At The Grocery Store

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Picking The Best Fish

Having the right fish at home is important. I know you’ll agree that there’s nothing worse than eating a piece of fish that’s been sitting out in your fridge for days and weeks on end with no care or attention to it. You want something fresh, but also something that looks good too!

It’s Fresh

If a fish is fresh, it should be firm and shiny. It shouldn’t have a strong smell, nor should the flesh feel slimy to the touch. If you are unsure about how fresh your fish is, take a look at its eyes—if they are still clear and bright blue (or even just slightly cloudy), then they’re probably okay.

If you can’t tell whether or not your fish is bad by sight alone—and especially if it’s been sitting out on display all day—pull off a couple of pieces of skin with your fingers before cooking any kind of seafood meal so that you know what exactly has been touching them throughout their journey from store shelf to the dinner table!

It Looks Good

When you’re buying a fish, it’s important to ensure that it looks good. This can be a bit of an art, but some basic guidelines will help you make sure your purchase is going to last longer and taste better.

  • The fish should be firm and shiny. If the flesh feels soft or squishy, don’t buy it! You want something with some substance behind its appearance—if you’re unsure about whether or not your purchase was truly fresh, ask for samples from other stores before making any final decisions about what kind of fish should go into your meal plan this week (or next month).
  • The eyes should be clear and bulging; if they’re cloudy or yellowed even slightly then don’t buy them either because they may not last long enough for cooking purposes anyway so just keep looking until something shines brightly enough without being too dark either way though maybe just slightly darker than usual which would mean no matter how much moisture evaporates from inside these creatures’ bodies during transportation between ocean depths below ground level…

It Has Been Refrigerated

The best fish to buy at your local grocery store should be refrigerated.

The reason for this is that fish can be kept fresh longer if they’re stored in a cooler temperature environment, and it’s not good to eat spoiled or decomposing food. If you don’t refrigerate your fish, there’s a chance that it will go bad before you ever get to eat it—and even worse: if you do take the time to put your fish in the fridge right away but forget about them (or simply don’t have space), then their quality will suffer as well!

You can safely store fresh cuts of tuna or salmon for several days at room temperature; however, any raw products like fillets and steaks should be placed inside an airtight container with an ice pack before being stored this way so that they stay cold enough throughout storage until serving time comes around again.

There is Only One Fish Smell – Fishy

That’s the problem with the grocery store, though: you get all these different kinds of fish and they all smell like something else. You want to know what kind of taste you’re getting from your meal, but sometimes it can be difficult to tell how fresh that fish was when you’re standing in front of aisle two at Target or Walmart with a cart full of groceries weighing down one arm while holding up an umbrella over your head because it’s raining outside (or if it’s sunny).

The best way to avoid having trouble deciding which kind of seafood will taste best is by using our tips below!

There Is No Crying in The Seafood Section

It’s a sad day when you have to cry in the grocery store. Don’t do it! This is not the place for tears; it’s an uninviting, uncomfortable space with too many people and too little privacy. You’re better off staying home and crying there or maybe even at work if you can get away with it – but just don’t make a scene in public.

Buy the best fish you can.

  • Buy the best fish you can.
  • Look for fresh, unprocessed fish at your local grocery store. If it’s frozen, don’t buy it! Freezing kills many of the nutrients and enzymes in seafood that make it so good for your body (and you). Fresh is always best when it comes to buying fresh fish—it looks better and has a better flavor than anything else on the shelf.
  • If possible, buy from an independent store instead of one owned by a big corporation like Walmart or Target; these chains have been known to sell fish that is not as fresh as what you would find at smaller stores like Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s.


When you’re buying fish at the grocery store, always make sure that it is fresh. You should also look for something that looks good and smells good. This is because there are different types of fish that have different appearances and smells so you want to know what kind before buying them! And lastly don’t forget about how long each type has been sitting on display or under refrigeration lights all day long…or even worse yet during transport between warehouses/stores etcetera – which could be hours sometimes depending on where they come from as well as how far away from home base headquarters each facility may be located across continents (and yes even oceans).

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